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Are you new to NairaBET? Do you need help on how to fund your betting account? Or better still, do you always have one issue or the other whenever you try to fund your NairaBET account?

This article will show you the different payment methods you can use to deposit funds into your NairaBET account. So, without wasting time, let’s go straight to business.


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Here are 4 really easy ways to fund your NairaBET account.



1) Pay to an agent (shop)

This is one of the easiest ways you can fund your NairaBET account. It’s as easy as saying 1 2 3 and it’s instant. How do you go about it?

Visit any of our authorized outlets “Agent” near you. If you’re not sure where to find them, you can call NairaBET Customer Care on 070062472238 (0700NAIRABET) to get help.

Once in a NairaBET outlet, give the agent/cashier your NairaBET customer identification number or user ID and the exact amount of money you’d like to fund your NairaBET account with. The agent will fund your account instantly. Your password is not needed. Please do not disclose your account password to anyone.

Wondering what your customer ID/user ID is?

Your NairaBET customer ID can be seen around the top right corner of your browser screen once you are logged-in to your NairaBET account.



2) Bank deposit

Another way to fund your NairaBet account is by bank deposit. Walk into any one of the underlisted banks and request to fund via ‘paydirect online’:

First Bank



Sterling Bank

Union Bank

Stanbic IBTC Bank

Access Bank

Fidelity Bank

You’ll be handed a deposit slip that will require you to enter some details of your NairaBET account. You can fill it as follows:

Account name: In this space, write NairaBet

Account Number: In this space, provide your NairaBET account ID

Depositor’s Name: Fill in your name as it is on

Amount: Enter the amount you want credited into your NairaBET account

At the upper part of the deposit slip, please repeat your deposit amount as follows. For:

N1,000 – NairaBET Credit N1,000

N2,000 – NairaBET Credit N2,000

N3,000 – NairaBET Credit N3,000

N4,000 – NairaBET Credit N4,000

N5,000 – NairaBET Credit N5,000

Any other amount – NairaBET Credit Others (For amounts not listed above)

After doing all these, you account will be credited instantly.



3) Pay with your card

Not interested in those long bank queues? Then this option is just for you.

You can use your Bank ATM card to fund your NairaBET account. Accepted Cards include Interswitch Verve cards, Visa cards and Naira Master Cards. You don’t have to fill any teller. No waiting in long queues. All you need to do is follow the steps below:


Step One: Make sure your ATM card is an Interswitch-powered debit card, Verve card, Visa card or Naira Master Card.


Step Two: Visit Log in and click on the ‘Deposit’ (or ‘My Account’ on computer). This will take you to the list of payment options. Choose ‘WebPay’ on mobile, or ‘Pay with ATM card’ option on computer.


Step Three: Enter the amount you want to fund your NairaBET account with and click on ‘Pay’. You’ll be directed away from the NairaBET page to the payment gateway page.


Step Four: On the payment gateway, please fill in all the required details, like providing your card details, and entering your PIN. Click on Pay/Proceed to confirm transaction.


Step Five: You’ll be redirected to a status page, where you can view the status of the transaction you just made.


Step Six: If successful, you will be redirected back to the NairaBET page. Check your account balance, which will show that your account has been funded instantly.



4) Pay at the ATM

If the ‘pay with your card’ option is a bit complicated for you, you can opt to fund your account using that ATM near you. You didn’t know? Well, we’re about to show you.

This payment option provides you with the opportunity to fund your account whenever you want, regardless of where you are, internet or no internet.

Once you have your ATM card and you know your customer ID number, you’re good to go.

Go to the nearest ATM. Insert your ATM card and enter your PIN.

Then select the ‘Quickteller’ option on the ATM screen. Look for and select ‘Pay Bills’ or ‘Fund Wallet’ or ‘Fund GT Wallet’ or ‘Fund Other Wallets’ (If you’re using a GT Bank ATM).

After that, the list of merchants will appear. Select Others.

This will prompt the machine to request that you enter your merchant code. Now, the code you will enter will depend on the amount you want to fund your account with.

Below are the codes:

55601 – N1,000

55602 – N2,000

55603 – N3,000

55604 – N4,000

55605 – N5,000

For deposits above N5,000, kindly type the code 55606. You will be asked to enter the amount you want to deposit. Enter the amount and proceed to the next page.

The next step is to enter your NairaBET customer ID number. After entering your ID, it will bring up your name. Should another name appear, it means you have entered the wrong ID and you’ll have to cancel the transaction and start all over again.

Confirm and re-confirm the details you have provided as correct. Some machines may request for your telephone number. Though it’s not compulsory you provide it, you can as well enter it and you will receive a confirmation message.

Once you carefully go through all these steps, your account will be credited instantly!

With all these available options, funding your NairaBET account has never been easier. Select your preferred option, instantly fund your account and never miss the opportunity to place your bets and win yourself some extra cash.


NOTE: There are more payment options on the NairaBET website not listed here. As soon as you log into your NairaBET account, just click ‘Deposit’ (or ‘My Account’ on computer), and you’ll see those other options listed.


New to NairaBET?

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